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Watch “Cocaine Rat – Drug-Free America” on YouTube

Cocaine Rat – Drug-Free America:

Yeah great to show the kids before they go out on weekend nights..


Oh my goodness was Hitler Reincarnated? :O

Oh my goodness was Hitler Reincarnated? :O

Bloop bleep ba ta do


Nike fits on my feet, I’ll run until all my energy is deplete, select all for every weakness and click delete. When that’s done then I know my life is complete.

ASCO: Lung Ca Tests Would Cost Medicare Billions

If this is true then they might never fully developed the test process or deem it inefficient or costly, to dicieve the public so that there medical companies can keep raking in the green. The more people who discover they have lung cancer at an older age are more likely to have it for the remaining days of there lives. This would be a major problem for the corporate business ladies and gentlemen in the 60° office on the 20th floor of the hospital, since they would be losing out on millions even though they would be saving millions… of lives. Wait? Isn’t that there job? Oh no it’s there CAREER! Wow could have fooled me. Well in this world you have to make a living even if it may be unethical, no one will notice your just one out of 7.15238 billion people.  There is an account estimate of about 200 trillion dollars in circulation throughout the world, now if we do the math 7 billion fits into 200 trillion about 30,000 times. So if the money were distributed evenly among the residents of Earth each person would receive 30,000 dollars on the spot. If you haven’t noticed a problem with this then you probably live in either Congo, Zimbabwe or Liberia. Right there is the three poorest countries in the world, if you had 30,000 dollars in one of the countries I just named then you might as well change your name to Mufasa because your at the top of the money chain. Here in the United States we want more and more and more that’s why 30,000 would be a small amount just by making a comparison to buying a brand new Mercedes Benz off the lot, you may need a little more cash before the dealership will complete the transaction and tosses you the keys. Don’t get me wrong I would agree that 30,000 dollars in my account would be nice to have but it just isn’t enough to give my family what they really deserve for raising me, guiding me and sticking with me through all the tough times.


Possibly the most powerful non-nuclear battery
By crushing a chemical compound into a block with a million times of atomsperic pressure, they have possibly created one of the most non- nuclear batteries in history. This is another breakthrough that could lead to a more energy efficient and power promising world without the fear of fallout. Now finding a way to develope this battery without consuming large amounts of energy, would be the goal to making the energy source available to everyone and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg like gas and oil bills. A future of hope and prosperity, is what I envision but however money is a more appealling green to the average human in society then mother nature’s green garden of life. So all we can do is set an example for the next generation to follow, an example where money isn’t as important as balance and equilibrium.

Apple close to buying headphone maker Beats Electronics: FT

Apple making another big move in the electronic business. Apple seem to be like an invasive species, taking all the nutrients from all the other competition in the forest until everything else slowly dies off and the apple is the only fruit to flourish. Besides Apple becoming a monopolistic company by buying other electronic companies, it also might develope and innovate more than just phones, tablets, computers and music players. Now they have headphones and speakers to add to there list of fancy gadgets. Its funny how Apple buys Beats and they don’t even qualify in the same food group, ohhh beets are gross and apples well they come together with some dough to make a delicious dessert .. Apple Pie!

Justin Bieber Responds to Seth Rogen: “Sorry I Didn’t Bow Down” – Us Weekly

Seth Rogen is the man! Justin Bieber is a disgusting piece of fecal matter. With that being said Justin Bieber should have played a major role in the movie “This is the End”, he should’ve been the first to go when the apocalypse first begins. But his last scream would have amplified through the television speakers and broke every piece of glass like object within a 50 foot vicinity and your body would involuntary fold your ears inside out to prevent any damage to the ear drum. But yeah Seth Rogan is funny and great, too bad I don’t think the same about Justice Bieber.

Before I’m 20…

A list of things i want to accomplish before I turn 20.

-Obtained my high school diploma.

-Graduated from the United States Army Basic Training.

– Learned the basic noun, verbs and forms of Spanish.

– Dunk a basketball on a 10 foot hoop with ease.

-Run 2 miles in under 10 minutes.

-Read at least 13 more books that will expand my range of knowledge.

-Memorized all rank insignias of the United States Army.

-Create and establish my own craft (I’m not sure what i want to focus on as a career and my time is running down everyday.

-At least attend 5 public speaking meetings.

-Meet new people and secure that bridge between them.

-By the end of the year before my birthday, i want to be totally independent, be my own individual.

“i do not think…

“i do not think there is any thrill that can through the human heart like that felt by the inventor as he sees some creation of the brain unfolding to success… such emotions make a man forget food, sleep, family, friends, everything.” – Nikola Tesla

Many people have struggled throughout history to change the world. One of those people who made a dramatic change in the science community and also making a bold line between science that is explored to raise profits in a business and science that is used to change the world so that one day profits won’t be the comparison of how much you made to what you spent  but instead the comparison between how many lives are being saved to the effort and money spent doing so. Nikola Tesla was a man who truly put people over the paper, but as his quote explains that inventors must be willing to sacrifice the things that are actually there for him in reality for the ideas in his imagination that he can bring to reality. Putting your dream in front of everything else will raise your chances of being successful.