One out of 7.159 Billion people on Earth

Hey, hola, privet, my name is Phil Brown. I am a senior in high school, this is my first blog and I’m excited to be apart of this social ocean called the internet. Every blog is a wave just waiting to be surfed, some are small and won’t move you at all, as for other blogs they can carry you beyond the shore onto the boardwalk in which you can walk a path of interest, excitement, and a journey that will let you meet and connect with other “surfers” riding the same wave. As an American I see the world as a place full of opportunities and I believe in freedom from tyranny at least. Also I am solely interested in mathematics and science and how you can apply your knowledge to reality to solve problems and conflicts. Another thing i believe in is that you can never give up on your dream or what you believe in. If you ever seen “Catch Me If You Can” starring Tom Hanks and Leonardo DiCaprio, then you should be familiar with the line of inspiration repeated throughout the movie. “Two mice fall into a bucket of cream, the first mouse quickly gives ups and drowns as the second mouse continues to struggle and eventually he turns that cream into butter and walks out of the bucket”. This saying inspires me to never quit and also it makes me think about how survival of the fittest comes into play because the first mouse gave up with ease not that it wasn’t capable of pushing forward but it chose not to, resulting in the mice to meet its maker sooner than the second mouse. From me to you don’t give up, overcoming the struggle is key to success.


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