ASCO: Lung Ca Tests Would Cost Medicare Billions

If this is true then they might never fully developed the test process or deem it inefficient or costly, to dicieve the public so that there medical companies can keep raking in the green. The more people who discover they have lung cancer at an older age are more likely to have it for the remaining days of there lives. This would be a major problem for the corporate business ladies and gentlemen in the 60° office on the 20th floor of the hospital, since they would be losing out on millions even though they would be saving millions… of lives. Wait? Isn’t that there job? Oh no it’s there CAREER! Wow could have fooled me. Well in this world you have to make a living even if it may be unethical, no one will notice your just one out of 7.15238 billion people.  There is an account estimate of about 200 trillion dollars in circulation throughout the world, now if we do the math 7 billion fits into 200 trillion about 30,000 times. So if the money were distributed evenly among the residents of Earth each person would receive 30,000 dollars on the spot. If you haven’t noticed a problem with this then you probably live in either Congo, Zimbabwe or Liberia. Right there is the three poorest countries in the world, if you had 30,000 dollars in one of the countries I just named then you might as well change your name to Mufasa because your at the top of the money chain. Here in the United States we want more and more and more that’s why 30,000 would be a small amount just by making a comparison to buying a brand new Mercedes Benz off the lot, you may need a little more cash before the dealership will complete the transaction and tosses you the keys. Don’t get me wrong I would agree that 30,000 dollars in my account would be nice to have but it just isn’t enough to give my family what they really deserve for raising me, guiding me and sticking with me through all the tough times.



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