Information Era – Transhumanist Era?

The University of Stanford has made a major breakthrough in developing a circuitboard that copys  a human brain and it is able to simulate a million neuron synapses, known as the “NeuroGrid” circuit. With far more processing power and less the energy than a tradional circuit board. Also they found that by making a combination of 16 “NeuroCore” microchips they have established a standard in computer- brain simulation in which could lead to further breakthroughs in Studies on the brain, as well as computer technology. Even more interesting is how they had to combine two different types of computers; the analog and the digital computer, to make the computer-brain simulation to function like a real human brain with a billion neuron synapses. Stanford has raised the bar once again in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Also shows how transhumanism ( Integrated Biotechnology with Mankind) could one day be possible. With that being said let’s hope freedom can still be upheld in a humanistic fashion, and peace can be the symbol for technology.


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