In my own opinion success is a the measure of the goals you accomplished. Success isn’t about the money its more about the value of the work, you put into to achieve a goal. First, a valued goal doesn’t have to be difficult and complicated. Goals are what give you that feeling of usefulness or purpose. Accomplishing a simple task such as making your bed every morning or organizing your notebooks, add each task as a repetition for a day, there will be results shown to be beneficial in the future. By obtaining a routine for activities and task throughout the day, your giving the here and now a permanent imprint on the timeline, as a result you create your future. Instead of leaving your life to chance, risk and probability, you can develope your lifestyle so you can control your outcome. The small steps count to show an enormous difference. With that being said my own vision of success is assistance in efforts for relief to natural disasters or making peace in a hostile area within a foreign state. In my imagination, I picture me in the army camoflauge, number 1 clipper size haircut, a serious face when I’m solely getting down to business and preparedness. My future is with the United States Army for the next four years of my life, serving my country’s needs.


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Living to help, helping to live.

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