Time Travel Challenge

I flip the switch on the particle accelerator, charge up the electromagnetic field and watch the area around me start to distort as i put on my faraday suit. I see a shiny glimmer, as i become engulfed in this time tunnel and end up in the dry hot dessert of Cairo, Egypt. In front of where i landed out of the time tunnel, I could see the base of the pyramids have just been built they are not pyramids yet but  trapezoidal prisms, through my eyes it was an unbelievable sight, just as unbelievable as this time travel adventure. I look behind me at this tunnel of time and the area from whence i came was distorted by a spiraling glimmer and i could see my lab back home as it was in my time the portal that has connected my present with the past, is stable.


About brownph13

Living to help, helping to live.

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