“Life is like r…

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”
― Albert Einstein

I can relate to this quote, since i understand that time is a key variable in mostly everything; it always moves forward there is no remote to pause the day or rewind back to last week to do something different. Instead, it’s all about the now and how taking advantage of the present can allow you to take control of your future. The clock never stops ticking and you don’t always have time to make decisions but if you use the time you have available to make preparations for the decision you might have to make in the future, then you can save yourself time to act instead of thinking and you won’t waste the most valuable time you have, which is the time right now that constantly flows. Time is like a river, where the current never changes and things always flow. There is no moment of stillness. Take advantage of your time or time will take advantage of you. When things aren’t going so good or they are going great that doesn’t mean relax it means work harder to keep that bike balanced so life doesn’t take any unexpected turns because your so focused and motivated to drive it in one direction, and that is forward.



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