At the end of that long stressful day, everyone has something they do that eases the stress on your mind, some people may resort to abusing drugs or inane violence, but not all of us find these methods to be effective in our daily lives. For me to relieve stress i have to enter my own world where i can’t be bothered; this place is deep within my mind; the core of my imagination. Here I can take a vacation wherever I like.

Above all the troubles and problems that seem to be attracted to you is a safe haven to remove you from certain situations, its not far at all and takes no time to get there; it’s a place inside your mind. A place where the world is yours, you can manipulate the world around you to be however you like to imagine it. You can block out the negativity that’s happening in the environment around you and create a sanctuary to retreat from the stress without potentially harming you or the people around you. Instead of looking for the drugs to clear your mind or the violence to release that anger or frustration, you can create a world within your thoughts that seems so real but your actions have no consequences in this realm or your own imagination. Look at it as if you were locked in a cage and theres no way out, physically you are trapped, but mentally you are free to roam your thoughts and the landscape of your imagination.Image


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